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Our Services

Johnny Rocket Creative provides a range of services from responsive websites, ExpressionEngine development, web maintenance, HTML Emails to branding, consulting and training…

Responsive Websites

Reponsive Web designIf you’re new to the idea of Responsive Websites, you’re not alone. The basic premise is one website, one set of content, on all devices (mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs, etc). Responsive websites adapt and change their layout to best display the content to the user. We have a lot of experience designing, building, and implementing these sites. With these sites, we also create retina (high-resolution) graphics that look great on high-definition devices. Devices like smart phones, tablets, and some laptops have high resolutions screens. These devices look incredible with high-resolution images, and that’s why we build sites with retina support, standard.

In some cases, an entire website rebuild is not necessary to make your website responsive; instead, we can perform a Responsive Retrofit where we use your current website as a starting point and add responsive functionality.

ExpressionEngine Development

ExpressionEngine developmentIf you’ve never heard of ExpressionEngine®, then you’re possibly missing the best CMS in the business. We specialize in building sites in ExpressionEngine, which provides the most flexibility in content management while maintaining the carefully crafted design of your website.

Front-End Development

We never hire a 3rd party company to code our sites. All of our sites are hand coded by HTML & CSS artisans, and we take just as much pride in our code as in our design. We also strive to always stay up to date on the latest web standards, using HTML5 and CSS3 in all the sites we build.

UX/Application Design

We work with application developers to design and build the User Interface (UI/UX Design) of applications. With the right interface design, your application can be successful and easy to use. We employ a full range of methods to ensure your interface is usable, exciting, well designed and more importantly, thought-out.

Full List of Services

That’s not all we do. We have experience in many areas of branding, marketing, design, and more:

  • Branding
  • Front-End Development
  • Website & App Design
  • ExpressionEngine
  • HTML Email Coding
  • Web Maintenance
  • Blog Design
  • Consulting
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Custom Google Maps
  • Print Design
  • Business Cards
  • Signage
  • Slide Design
  • Powerpoint/Keynote Templates
  • Word/Pages Document Templates

The ExpressionEngine® and logo mark are owned and may be registered by EllisLab, Inc.

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